Episode 33 features Kevin Taylor from Telford

International Guest Series – Episode 33
Deep Progressive House

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November 1 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
November 3 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

« I started Djing in my mid teens, around 13 as I recall. My Dad was a mobile DJ for many years and ran a youth club, which is were I started. Working with my Dad and before I became of age to legally attend clubs we had several residencies as wedding & party DJs. 
Heard my first House tune in 1986. I remember it like it was yesterday. Marshall Jefferson House Music Anthem, Adonis No Way Back and Mr Fingers Washing Machine. I was immediately hooked. Saved up and got my first set of Technics shortly after turning 18, started in the clubs very soon after that.
My first club residency was a small place called 5th Avenue, it was a proper little sweatbox in the middle of nowhere (a place called Market drayton). It soon became packed, people travelling some distance to come. Great times. I moved around and guest DJd a few places before landing main residency at The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury. Massive club with capacity of 1800 – here I started my own night called Essence – it was a success from the first night and by night 3 we were locking out at full 1800 people capacity. 
After a couple of years I was offered the job as general manager as well as main DJ and became the youngest licencee at that time. 
During this 9 year period (1994-2003) I worked with many of the bigger club nights and A list DJs, from Cream to Gatecrasher, Sundissential to Gods Kitchen, Manumission to Mixmag Tour. It was a great time and it was my full time career. I stopped when my first wife got pregnant, which I promised I would do. 
When my daughter was born I turned my back on the industry, it was also around the time vinyl stopped and this broke my heart to a degree. At that time it seemed to me the real art of DJing was dying and rudely being replaced by auto-sync digital button pushers. Of course I was wrong but thats how I saw it at the time. Therefore decided that was that and followed a business career path.
Many years later a friend of mine’s brother, who owned a pub, asked me to dust off my turntables and play some old skool stuff for NYE. I said no to start with but my second wife, who had never heard me play insisted I did this gig. 
So I grabbed a handful of classics, dusted off my SL1210s and did the gig. I had a drummer on with me and we just jammed. The reaction and love was amazing, people had a great time and I immediately got the buzz again. That was about 10 years ago now.
I’m turning 50 next year, I love the music, the art of mixing, the craft and energy it brings. I will never stop again, love it far too much.
Before Covid I played out weekly, however now I play just once a month which suits me better. Having the chance to play on the Radio and be part of the Kollelktiv has rekindled the spark even more. Now I am on a quest to make the best listening experience and journey I can, as I know you are too.
Due to family commitments and an all encompassing weekly job I cant put as much time into my music as I would like, however I spend almost all of my free time doing music to some degree. I plan to start producing next year. I’m using my time now to research, watch you tube vids and understand more about that side of our craft. »

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