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All the major milestones and event surrounding SEBB’s world

We are booked!

It has been 35 weeks since the first episode of the After Hour Show. Throughout this journey, we have discovered top emerging artists of the underground world from Canada and around the globe. All shows are available on SoundCloud.

Coming up to the show we have a huge line up of talented producers and DJs.

Nov 20: André Yenski
Nov 27: Olejo
Dec 4: Vincent Sessa
Dec 11: Twilight Music Sculpture – Canadian Series
Dec 18: Opposite DireKtion – Canadian Series
Dec 25: Steve Finney – Canadian Series
Jan 8: MIRAC
Jan 15: Carl Higson
Jan 22: Jordan David – Canadian Series
Jan 29: SEBB – Canadian Series
Feb 5: Kay Becker – Canadian Series
Feb 12: Bjorn Salvador – Nordic Voyage Special
Feb 19: Leon S Kemp – Nordic Voyage Special

Feb 26: SEBB – Canadian Series
Mar 5: Darcy Dogan
Mar 12: Shar-K

The show would not exist without your support. Spread the word around you.

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From Canada to the World!

That’s exactly what I want to do with this weekly PodCast. In line with our recent announcement we are happy to report some fresh news about the expansion of the show worldwide.

Starting August 28, the After Hour Show will begin its journey at 6pm eastern time.

Then we are heading to France on E-Ibiza web radio and we will be broadcasted at 6pm local time each Monday starting September 6, 2021.

The Underground Kollektiv global radio has always been our home since the show is born. We are proud to be part of this amazing collective of International DJ. This radio station is based in the United Kingdom, an important market full of passionated house music lovers. The After Hour Show will end its journey there each Wednesday at 7pm local time.

The mission of the show is to promote Canadian and international artists worldwide but we also have the producers of the tracks we use close to our heart. It’s important for us they are paid for their work. In this world of live streams on Facebook, Youtube or even Twitch, we find that it’s becoming harder for the producers to get a fair recognition of their work. That’s why we will never promote our show on these plateformes but we will maximise our presence on MixCloud and SoundCloud. Our SoundCloud profil offers extended version of each show and top quality audio without the radio drops. The UDGK crew will be uploading the show on their MixCloud profil each Thursday. That will allow everyone to get exposure to nearly 15,000 followers.


International DJ music stream

Hello world!

It’s been a good couple of weeks for SEBB. His latest show Deep Breathing ranked #1 on Prog House MixCloud chart and within top 5 in 2 others. Thanks so much for the support everyone.

SEBB will be playing on several shows in the upcoming months. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to these exclusive shows live:

Aug 14: The Underground Kollektiv (UK)
Aug 30: Abyss The Sound Experience on QuestLondon radio (UK)
September 25: The After Hour Show on (Canada)
October 10: Superdeep Podcast hosted by ROBERMARTIN
October 23: Nordic Voyage on TM Radio (Iceland)
November 6: Deep Travel PodCast hosted by Mirac (Hungary)
September: WAFO RadioShow (Spain)

SEBB will also give an exclusive interview on The Friday Night Club show hosted by Lee Romang on radio in South Africa. Stay tuned for more details.

And let’s not forget some surprise appearances on The Keepers of The Deep Podcast on which you will be hearing a deeper side of SEBB’s music.

Busy schedule ahead but it’s super exciting to share with you amazing non-stop music.


The After Hour Show will be promoting Canadian artists worldwide!

English version below

Pourquoi fais tu ça SEBB? Voilà plus de 3 ans que je partage ma musique sur les réseaux. Aujourd’hui, j’ai  des amis de partout au travers le monde. Music is an international language.

J’apprends beaucoup en faisant ce que je fais. Je cherche constamment à m’améliorer en repoussant les limites à chaque fois que l’occasion se présente. C’est comme ça que mon PodCast After Hour Show est née. 

Mon objectif avec ce show hebdomadaire de 1 heure est de promouvoir les DJ et producteurs de musique house. C’est important pour moi que chacun soit reconnu équitablement. À la base il y a le producteur des tracks que j’utilise. Ce sont eux qui méritent la plus grande reconnaissance. Sans eux, je ne peux pas exercer ma passion. Il y a également le DJ qui joue ces tracks devant une audience. Il y a aussi les autres acteurs qui nous permettent de commercialiser l’ensemble de l’œuvre. Ceux-ci sont entre autre Mixcloud, SoundCloud et les radio web. 

Mon PodCast a reçu plusieurs artists tous aussi talentueux les uns que les autres. Des DJ provenant de partout au travers le monde. Des personnes qui me font confiance et qui me partage sans hésitation leur vision de la musique house. Ce show m’a permis de rencontrer des gens exceptionnels. 

Aussi bizarre que cela semble, je ne connaissais pas beaucoup d’artists Canadien au départ. Au fil des ans, j’en ai rencontré plusieurs tels que: Alain M, Dj Alex Delmar, DjRiveritch, Twilight Music Sculpture, Jordan David, Nick Hebb, Peter Albert, Steve Finney, DJBNice, The TWX, Opposite Direktion, Michel Tardif et Tony Concordia. Ce sont pour la plupart des DJ qui partagent la même passion que moi. Il y a beaucoup de talent au Canada! 

Au courant des prochaines semaines, the After Hour Show prendra un tournant Canadien. L’objectif demeure le même soit de promouvoir les DJ et producteurs de musique house. Ainsi, j’annonce également que le show sera maintenant diffusé à priori au Canada les samedi soir à 6pm sur une station web canadienne créé par mon ami Kay Beker. Ce n’est pas tout, le show prendra ensuite la direction de la France en début de semaine sur les ondes de Radio EIbiza et terminera sont périple au Royaume-Uni sur la merveilleuse station the Underground Kollektiv les mercredi toujours à 6pm heure locale.

Tous les shows sont également disponibles sur demande sur les platformes SoundCloud (dès la sortie du show) et Mixcloud qui permettent aux producteurs de recevoir une contribution pour leur travail. 

Je tiens à préciser que je n’oublie pas les artistes internationaux qui m’ont permis de me rendre ou je suis aujourd’hui. En me concentrant sur mes origines canadiennes, j’ai la ferme intention de devenir la principale porte d’entrée au formidable marcher du Canada pour tous les acteurs internationaux. 

Alors pourquoi je fais ça? Eh bien, la musique est une passion et nous devons faire notre part afin que tous les acteurs soient récompensés. Voilà pourquoi je fais ça. À bientôt les amis.

Why are you doing this SEBB? I have been sharing my music on the social networks for more than 3 years. Today I have friends from all over the world. Music is an international language. 

I learn a lot by doing what I do. I constantly strive to improve myself by pushing the boundaries whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is how my PodCast After Hour Show was born. 

My goal with this weekly 1 hour show is to promote house music DJs and producers. It is important to me that everyone is recognized fairly. Basically there is the producer of the tracks I use. They are the ones who deserve the greatest recognition. Without them, I cannot exercise my passion. There is also the DJ who plays these tracks in front of an audience. There are also the other actors who allow us to distribute our work . These are among others Mixcloud, SoundCloud and web radios.

My PodCast received several artists all equally talented. DJs from all over the world. People who trust me and who share their vision of house music without hesitation. This show allowed me to meet exceptional people.

As bizarre as it sounds, I didn’t know a lot of Canadian artists to begin with. Over the years, I have met several such as: Alain M, Dj Alex Delmar, DjRiveritch, Twilight Music Sculpture, Jordan David, Nick Hebb, Peter Albert, Steve Finney, DJBNice, The TWX, Opposite Direktion, Michel Tardif and Tony Concordia. Most of them are DJs who share the same passion as me. There is a lot of talent in Canada!

Over the next few weeks, the After Hour Show will take on a Canadian twist. The goal remains the same: to promote DJs and house music producers. Thus, I am also announcing that the show will now be broadcast in Canada on Saturday evenings at 6pm on a Canadian web station created by my friend Kay Beker. That’s not all, the show will then head to France at the start of the week on Radio EIbiza and end its trip to the UK on the exceptional Underground Kollektiv global radio station on Wednesdays at 6pm local time.

All the shows are also available on request on SoundCloud (upon release of the show) and Mixcloud platforms which allow producers to receive a contribution for their work.

I want to make it clear that I am not forgetting the international artists who allowed me to get to where I am today. By focusing on my Canadian origins, I firmly intend to become the main gateway to Canada’s formidable market for all international players.

So why am I doing this? Well, music is a passion and we have to do our part so that all the players are rewarded. That’s why I’m doing this. See you later friends.

SEBB is now Resident @ ABYSS Sound Experience

SEBB is joining the crew as resident DJ starting April 26, 2021

I’m super excited to announce that I have accepted to join the ABYSS Sound Experience as resident DJ. This show is packed with great artists like Diana Emms, Doc Idaho, Kevin Field, Alain M (Canada) and many more. Abyss is a weekly 4 hr show on Quest London Radio. The shows run on Monday night in London, Thursday night in the US and Friday night in Australia. 3 shows in the month are Deep Progressive, Melodic house based and this is when I come in play. I will be performing once a month for 1 hour. My first appearance will be April 26. You can listen to ABYSS on MixCloud and Quest London Radio. Looking forward to see you all for my first show!

SEBB Ranked #1 in Global Prog House

Friends, you touched me right to the ❤️ this week! I have no words to describe how I feel. There is so much work behind this and I wouldn’t be here without YOUR SUPPORT. I’m so proud & thankful to be part of such a great community. A special thank you to the Underground Kollektiv crew! THANK YOU so much for the continuous support!!!