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La deep house from France

International Guest Series – Episode 38
Deep House

Listening options
December 6 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
December 8 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Je m’appelle Vincenzo Sessa, DJ et producteur français, avec une passion pour la house et la musique de club.
Discjockey de 1987 à 1996, j’ai eu l’opportunité de travailler dans une vingtaine de discothèques entre la France, la Suisse, la Corse …
Maintenant je travaille en vidéo, mon hobby je produis des podcasts pour les radios. Dans le futur je voudrai créer mes propres sons.

Acid Sunset (Original Mix)Man Go Funk
Into The Sun (Nathan G Shine On Rub)Boogie Rapture
Lost Your MindAustin’s Groove
Find A Certain WayHenrik Villard
Trust No OneTrevor Gordon
Rive GaucheDub Striker, Davelly
Find A Certain WayHenrik Villard
ControlSebas Ramis feat. Life on Planets
Cant Keep OnCup & String
We Are (Saison Remix)Swirl People
High Standards
Back AgainDennis Cruz & Iuliano Mambo
True BelieverFranck Roger
Secret Key (Original Mix)Sischke
Get It OnFranck Roger
EverythingDJ Meme, Double Dee
J F KFoo Funkers, Max Esposito
RunningHomero Espinosa
You Know What It IsMarc Cotterell

Deep and melodic sounds from Russia

International Guest Series – Episode 37
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
November 29 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
December 1 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Olejo Russian DJ from Moscow started his career on pirate radio in 1996 and plays at various events throughout Russia. Prefers progressive house. Always glad to new acquaintances and invitations. He is resident DJ at Underground Kollektiv.

Sacred (Original Mix)Zoeken
Parseltongue (Extended Mix)Tryger
Merak (Original Mix)Jose Rodriguez, Justo Perez
Impermanence (Jorge Viana Remix)Milad Ash
Colores (Extended Mix)Rodri Santos
Mayhap (Arken X Rmx)Sinan Arsan
Organica (AlexK Remix)Aydin
The Nocturne (NeoTraffic Remix)Pandorum
Connection (Original Mix)Fernando Olaya
Shadow Chaser (Extended Mix)Whoriskey
It Makes Trouble (Original Mix)Emrah Balkan
Life (Original Mix)USK

Hypnotic sounds of André Yenski

International Guest Series – Episode 36
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
November 22 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
November 24 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

His musical journey started in his youth, where he toyed around with some old keyboards and instruments. At the age of 14 he bought his first decks, and started to organize the first parties at his school and around his neighbourhood. Pretty soon he also discovered the joy of producing his own sounds and tracks.

In his twenties he got the chance to spend a few summers on the White Island, Ibiza. This was a big influence, as he got exposed to a lot of different musical styles that formed his musical taste.

After a few years he found his base at the techno capital of Europe, Berlin. This left also a mark on his music, bringing forward the raw and dark sounds that he so enjoys. Currently still bases in Berlin.

He was behind the decks at venues like Spindler & Klatt (Berlin), AVA (Berlin), Chesire Cat (Berlin), Sauer Mutter (Berlin), Edelweiß (Berlin), The Nest (Cambodia). He gathered a lot of experience spinning records at various corporate events, bars and hotels in Budapest, London, Corfu, Ibiza, and of course Berlin. He is a regular dj at the Fashion Week in Berlin.

He is the co-host of the Berlin based club night, Don ́t Let Your Mother Know, and the host of his podcast called Hypnotic Illusions & House Foundations on several Radio stations; like PURE, Underground Kollektiv and Global FM.

As a producer he released his own original tracks and remixes on various labels, like Stellar Fountain, LuPS Records, Vision 3 Records, Findike Records and Embliss Records just to mention a few.

He balances between few genres, like organic and deep house, but also enjoys darker genres like progressive and melodic techno.

Remix requests & booking:
Mixcloud :

This Is My Temple (Ar-Men Da Viken Remix)André Yenski
Firewall ParadoxEleven Of July
Where we at (Original Mix)Kapasi
Aviation (Carlos Pires Remix)André Yenski
Burn Bright (Original Mix)Mart Boshouwers feat.Jons van Elderen
In Your Mind (Whoriskey Remix)Starkato & Intaktogene
Speculations (Artche Extended Remix)Jochem Hamerling
Need To Feel Loved (Cristoph Remix)Reflekt ft. Delline Bass
Perseus (Extended Mix) Prophecy

Deep progressive house beats with GOMF

Top 10 Prog House chart on MixCloud

International Guest Series – Episode 35
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
November 15 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
November 17 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

« My name is Mats aka GOMF . I’m from Sweden. A music freak that Follow my Dreams to be a Dj after like 40 years of listening to the worlds best DJs and electronic music. I have my own Radioshow on UK based Beach Radio called Deeper Departures with two friends ( Johan Loubser & Dj Rocinante) all I wanna do is sharing fantastic music around the globe. »

Jardin D’amour (Original Mix)Greenage
La Luna Negra (Original Mix)Greenage
Satellite Girl (Tim Green Remix)Lee Burridge
No Strings Attached (Original Mix)Lost Desert, Bona Fide
Amulet feat. M.O.S (Original Mix)M.O.S, Gorje Hewek
Florence (Wassu Extended Mix)Marsh
Laka (Original Mix)Mashk
Next Step (Original Mix)Mauro B
Dream of You (Original Mix)Mauro B
Convergent Evolution (Original Mix)Nhii

ROBERMARTIN on tonight’s show

900+ listens on SoundCloud

International Guest Series – Episode 34
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
November 8 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
November 10 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Have been playing music some years ago in the best discotheques, clubs and events in Gran Canaria, some clubs in Madrid and Bilbao (Spain), and after having been away from the music world for many years, he returns to the music scene as a producer as well., having signed his first arrangement with Irma Records and GNE music. In this moment he regent two channels in Soundcloud and Mixcloud, his B2B space and his Superdeep channel. He is also superior technician in creativity and advertising techniques and Art Director.

Adagio For Square (Club Mix)Worakls
Bana (Blond: Ish Touch Edit)Malone, The Kimonos & Blond:ish
Alhena (Bluum Remix)Golan Zocher & Greenage
Xenophon (Extended Mix)Paul Sawyer
Lines (Franz Alice Stern Remix)Nother, Moon Leap & Franz Alice Stern
ConquerStan Kolev A
Take Control (Solomun Tribute Remix)aAnne Clark
Pad (Patrice Baumel Remix)Dwaalgast & Shari Klein
Still Searching feat. Nathalie Claude (Original Mix)Andre Lodemann
Sky’s Only a MemoryWielki
Juniper (Braxton RemixDezza

Episode 33 features Kevin Taylor from Telford

International Guest Series – Episode 33
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
November 1 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
November 3 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

« I started Djing in my mid teens, around 13 as I recall. My Dad was a mobile DJ for many years and ran a youth club, which is were I started. Working with my Dad and before I became of age to legally attend clubs we had several residencies as wedding & party DJs. 
Heard my first House tune in 1986. I remember it like it was yesterday. Marshall Jefferson House Music Anthem, Adonis No Way Back and Mr Fingers Washing Machine. I was immediately hooked. Saved up and got my first set of Technics shortly after turning 18, started in the clubs very soon after that.
My first club residency was a small place called 5th Avenue, it was a proper little sweatbox in the middle of nowhere (a place called Market drayton). It soon became packed, people travelling some distance to come. Great times. I moved around and guest DJd a few places before landing main residency at The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury. Massive club with capacity of 1800 – here I started my own night called Essence – it was a success from the first night and by night 3 we were locking out at full 1800 people capacity. 
After a couple of years I was offered the job as general manager as well as main DJ and became the youngest licencee at that time. 
During this 9 year period (1994-2003) I worked with many of the bigger club nights and A list DJs, from Cream to Gatecrasher, Sundissential to Gods Kitchen, Manumission to Mixmag Tour. It was a great time and it was my full time career. I stopped when my first wife got pregnant, which I promised I would do. 
When my daughter was born I turned my back on the industry, it was also around the time vinyl stopped and this broke my heart to a degree. At that time it seemed to me the real art of DJing was dying and rudely being replaced by auto-sync digital button pushers. Of course I was wrong but thats how I saw it at the time. Therefore decided that was that and followed a business career path.
Many years later a friend of mine’s brother, who owned a pub, asked me to dust off my turntables and play some old skool stuff for NYE. I said no to start with but my second wife, who had never heard me play insisted I did this gig. 
So I grabbed a handful of classics, dusted off my SL1210s and did the gig. I had a drummer on with me and we just jammed. The reaction and love was amazing, people had a great time and I immediately got the buzz again. That was about 10 years ago now.
I’m turning 50 next year, I love the music, the art of mixing, the craft and energy it brings. I will never stop again, love it far too much.
Before Covid I played out weekly, however now I play just once a month which suits me better. Having the chance to play on the Radio and be part of the Kollelktiv has rekindled the spark even more. Now I am on a quest to make the best listening experience and journey I can, as I know you are too.
Due to family commitments and an all encompassing weekly job I cant put as much time into my music as I would like, however I spend almost all of my free time doing music to some degree. I plan to start producing next year. I’m using my time now to research, watch you tube vids and understand more about that side of our craft. »

Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)TITLEARTIST
Air Sand (Original Mix)Matter
The First Time (Acapella)Roland Clark
Ndarasika (Peter Dundov Remix)Chihaka
What Could Have Been (Ode to BM2020)Anthony Middleton
Come Together Nox & Vahn
Journey to The Rising RedMichael Hooker
The Underground (Acapella)Celeda
KilianRodriguez Jr.
Right MomentLeandro Murua
Hollow SunTantum
Akoyeh (Abstrael Remix)Mood Gorning
Sinuous (Extended Mix)Warung
Secret Mirror (Klunsh Analog Remix)Alerch
Blinding Lights (Joris Voorn Remix)Alex Kennon

Pure non-stop 60 minutes of house music

International Guest Series – Episode 32
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
October 25 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
October 27 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Zen K begun journey into the realm of Dj’ing in the mid 2000s drawing his inspiration from the Trance & Progressive sounds of that era from the likes of John Digweed, Guy J, Tiesto & DeadMu5. 

Playing out of the Sydney Club scene, he developed his signature sound over the years with a focused desire to take the listener on a deep, driving, atmospheric melodic journey. His sets which feature predominantly, Progressive Melodic House, Deep House and Trance are focused on long clean transitions with an emphasis on dark hypnotic flavours.

Today he is more at home sharing his sound with his on-line audience through radio stations such as Fade Ibiza, TID, Di.FM, Abyss – Quest London (which he co-owns) and devoting more of his time to music Production. 

Zen K’s work attracts fans of Djs\Producers such as Sasha, Ben Bohmer, Tinlicker, Cristoph, Guy J, Eli & Fur, Yotto, Matt Fax and Stan Kolev to name a few. 

On My Knees (Original Mix)RUFUS DU SOL
Babylon (Extended Mix)Pante, Diana Miro
Irufushi (Marsh Remix)Super8 & Tab, Marsh
Alive (Extended Mix)Ajenda
MerkabaStan Kolev
Tigers (LIVA(BR) ExtendedRemix)Christian Burns, LIVA (BR)
Look at Me (Luis Damora Remix)Danny Serrano, Luis Damora
Intent (Highlite Remix)Nuran, Highlite
The ChurchRampa
Miles Away (Original mix)OSC3
Tara (Extended Mix)Serra9
Need to Feel Loved (Cristoph Remix)Reflekt, Cristoph, Delline Bass
Coming Home (feat. Myke Black) (Extended Mix)Myke Black, James ID

FREE 60 minutes non-stop house music from SEBB

Canadian Guest Series – Episode 31
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
October 18 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
October 20 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

Welcome to episode 31 of the After Hour Show. I’m going back to my roots tonight with a Deep Progressive House set. I’m discovering new artists on SoundCloud these days. Everyday I’m listening to new tracks from great producers around the world. Check out this great tracklist.

Samadhi (Kasper Koman Remix)Bondarev & Anton Borin (RU)
BoraxSubandrio & Nishan Lee
Magic Land (feat. Doomsayer) [Weird Sounding Dude Remix]Oleg Espo & Muline
Angle Renovation (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix)Tonaco
New Beginnings (K Loveski Remix)Teleport-X & Agustín Ficarra
Summer Sun (Emi Galvan Remix)Golan Zocher & Velveta
Squirrel ConceptPaege
Penumbra (Donny Carr Remix)Kenan Savrun & Sinan Arsan
Wilder (Doppel Remix)Kasper Koman
Night Before (NOIYSE PROJECT Remix)Martin Cozar & Rod Notario

Deep and progressive house journey with Charles Charles

Worldwide Guest Series – Episode 30
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
October 11 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
October 13 | Underground Kollektiv 7pm UK local time
On-Demand | SoundCloud (October 9 at 6pm)

Charles Charles loves multi genre. Lover of good music. He tends to play music that people never knew they wanted to hear. No specific style just good music. He likes to go on a journey into sound design, dark moments and energetic flows with an added vocal.

He first started playing music in the underground rave scene in Johannesburg, South Africa in the 90’s and quickly became one of the most respected voices in the scene and regarded as the pioneer for Progressive House in South Africa.

Label A&R Manager at Technosis Records
Singularity Tribe Star
Resident at Abyss on Quest London Radio and (SMR)

James Hadfield, Danny LintonSoak (Axel Boman dubb)
Diana EmmsPlay Music with Passion
Forest Drive WestTransmission
Nae_Tek – Decollo 4.0 (Dystopian Soundscapes Rmx) Nae_Tek Superordinate Dub Waves
Tim GreenCoriolis
R.HzAmnesia (Original Mix) R.Hz Superordinate Dub Waves
Bjorn Salvador,Leon S Kemp And Marta VidarWalk in to the Light
Linus AmyGM (Mononoid Remix)
NopiUnforgettable Dawn
PlectaAntarctic Sun
Giuliano RodriguesShakti
PfirterDe a poco
Rodriguez Jr.Pegasus

DJ Alex Delmar free online set

Canadian Guest Series – Episode 29
Deep House

Listening options
October 4 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
October 6 | Underground Kollektiv 7pm UK local time
On-Demand | SoundCloud (October 2 at 6pm)

Alex Delmar is an underground DJ from Montreal, mixing House, Techno and other genres such as Chillout and Reggae. He was an 80’s kid in Latin America and experienced a variety of tropical beats and sounds as well as early influences of anglo rock and pop, disco, hip hop and new age. This diverse musical mixture was the base for shaping his style and finding his groove. He started DJing at bars and private events in downtown Montreal around 2007 and completed the Audio Production program at the specialized school Musitechnic in 2014. As professional practice he had the chance of recording and mastering live DJ sets at Piknic Electronic and Igloofest. He headlined electronic music events at a variety of venues in Guatemala and Costa Rica between 2015 and 2018, and held residencies at Maya Lounge and the cultural and entertainment complex 1001 Noches. Since 2016 he has been active on the underground scene, mixing among talented DJs on online stations based in Europe such as Housefreqs, Strictly House and now a proud member of Underground Kollektiv and Keepers of the Deep. Catch him live on UDGK radio every Saturday at 10pm UK / 5pm ET, mixing Deep and Melodic House and Techno as well as groovy Afro House.

Carl HigsonLaguna Noches (Original Mix)
Gorge, Markus HommHolos (Original Mix)
Spencer Brown & QrionRainy April
SmokDance Tonight (DJ Spen’s Deeper House Remix)
Oliver Koletzki, ELIH, CIOZSerpiente del Ritmo (CIOZ Remix)
David Hasert, LenaImmer Wieder (Original Mix)
Shut-I-Kan, Milton JacksonPaper Cut
MakananLimber (Original Mix)
DiscostepsLet’s Talk (Extended Mix)
SaisonAll The Feels (Original Mix)
Homero EspinosaRunning (Original Mix)
Jerome Sydenham, Fatima NjaiKrimson Blossom