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Hypnotic sounds of André Yenski

International Guest Series – Episode 36
Deep Progressive House

Listening options
November 22 | EIbiza 6pm (France)
November 24 | Underground Kollektiv global radio 7pm (UK)
On-demand | SoundCloud 6pm Eastern time

His musical journey started in his youth, where he toyed around with some old keyboards and instruments. At the age of 14 he bought his first decks, and started to organize the first parties at his school and around his neighbourhood. Pretty soon he also discovered the joy of producing his own sounds and tracks.

In his twenties he got the chance to spend a few summers on the White Island, Ibiza. This was a big influence, as he got exposed to a lot of different musical styles that formed his musical taste.

After a few years he found his base at the techno capital of Europe, Berlin. This left also a mark on his music, bringing forward the raw and dark sounds that he so enjoys. Currently still bases in Berlin.

He was behind the decks at venues like Spindler & Klatt (Berlin), AVA (Berlin), Chesire Cat (Berlin), Sauer Mutter (Berlin), Edelweiß (Berlin), The Nest (Cambodia). He gathered a lot of experience spinning records at various corporate events, bars and hotels in Budapest, London, Corfu, Ibiza, and of course Berlin. He is a regular dj at the Fashion Week in Berlin.

He is the co-host of the Berlin based club night, Don ́t Let Your Mother Know, and the host of his podcast called Hypnotic Illusions & House Foundations on several Radio stations; like PURE, Underground Kollektiv and Global FM.

As a producer he released his own original tracks and remixes on various labels, like Stellar Fountain, LuPS Records, Vision 3 Records, Findike Records and Embliss Records just to mention a few.

He balances between few genres, like organic and deep house, but also enjoys darker genres like progressive and melodic techno.

Remix requests & booking:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AndreYenski
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/andre_yenski
Mixcloud : https://www.mixcloud.com/Andre_Yenski/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andre_yenski/

This Is My Temple (Ar-Men Da Viken Remix)André Yenski
Firewall ParadoxEleven Of July
Where we at (Original Mix)Kapasi
Aviation (Carlos Pires Remix)André Yenski
Burn Bright (Original Mix)Mart Boshouwers feat.Jons van Elderen
In Your Mind (Whoriskey Remix)Starkato & Intaktogene
Speculations (Artche Extended Remix)Jochem Hamerling
Need To Feel Loved (Cristoph Remix)Reflekt ft. Delline Bass
Perseus (Extended Mix) Prophecy

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Deep Melodic House

Listening options
August 14 | Underground Kollektiv 7pm UK local time
On-demand | SoundCloud (EXCLUSIVE BONUS on-demand version)

Your journey starts with Leo Baroso superb track Lust remixed by Innerphonic. Then we begin our descent to the abyss where I’m taking your soul and rip it apart. At this point you feel there is no exit but you see a light at the horizon. Your instinct is telling you to follow it to get out of this deepness. You feel something is pulling you towards brighter days. A mysterious powerful force starts to grow in you. You are now at an emotional peak. You are half way into your journey and each tracks maintain you in this euphoric floating ambience. Buckle up, we are going deep again but not into the deepest side of this set. You are transported into a calm space with an exceptional track from Mark Tarmonea. BONUS TRACK ON SOUNDCLOUD – Your journey ends with the Canadian duo Hicky & Kalo who’s bringing you home with their latest EP Borealis. Enjoy my friends!

Lust (Innerphonic Remix) [Faraway Scope]Leo Baroso
ControversiaNicolas Rada
Samsara (Subandrio Remix)Kazuki
Founder (feat. Luke Coulson) [Lexer Remix]Alegra
Water (feat. Mila Belini)Juan Deminicis
PlayerStylo & Space Motion
MirariDa Fresh & Noidor
Train of Thought (Extended Mix)Miss Monique
HuntingMark Tarmonea
1980 (D-Formation & GRAZZE Remix)Boy Next Door & Pascale Voltaire
BorealisHicky & Kalo